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Terms of Service

Cornucopia3D management has created the following Terms of Service agreement that govern the participation and practices of members within this community. As a member/user, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of these terms and abide by them at all times.

Community Philosophy

This community was born for a simple purpose: to provide the most comfortable, helpful, up-to-date and enjoyable online community to all Vue users.

With the above intentions in mind, we wish for Cornucopia3D to become a meeting point where experienced users can share, newbies can learn, and everybody can enjoy their stay.

Vue software opens the doors of our imagination to the infinite worlds of virtual landscapes; we hope that this community will open even more doors to all Vue users. It will be an enlightening exploration path that we hope to walk with you!

Use of the Community

We would like your visit of our forums and galleries to be as enjoyable as possible. Please keep your postings as positive, respectful and constructive as possible, and make sure that your activity in this community always conforms to the following rules:

  • Appropriate language: do not post any personal, racial or cultural attacks, slurs, or use any profanity in your messages.
  • Activity: do not conduct any libellous, defamatory, or otherwise harmful activity that may give rise to criminal liability under the law. Do not conduct any activity that intentionnaly affects the normal operation of this community.
  • Trolling: do not post any destructive comments with the intent to disrupt or attack.
  • Galleries: do not post images or animations that show explicit violence or sexual content. Any images that depict some form of nudity or violence must be tagged with the appropriate “nudity” and “violence” tags.
  • Advertising and solicitation: do not post advertisements or solicitations that do not pertain to the intended use and purpose of this community.
  • Warez: do not solicit, discuss or trade illegal products, including, but not by way of limitation, computer software, security overrides or serial numbers.

    The Cornucopia3D management reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close at any time and without notice any messages or files that they would deem unsuitable for this community, as well as terminally ban without warning any users who do not abide by the terms of this agreement. The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. While Cornucopia3D management will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message or file. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to this community express the views and opinions of their authors and not those of the Cornucopia3D management.


    By uploading files (e.g. images) to this website you:
    (a) warrant and represent that the files you upload are original and do not infringe any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights or personal or proprietary rights of any person or entity or contain any scandalous, libelous or unlawful matter, and that the files do not contain any virus or Trojan Horse or other software routine designed to permit unauthorized access, to disable, erase, or otherwise harm software, hardware, or data, and
    (b) authorize e-on software to publish and/or distribute such files. This authorization constitutes a perpetual license to publish the files worldwide, in any and all languages, for all formats and in all media now known, or hereafter developed. Such license shall include without limitation, the right to (i) reproduce and duplicate the files, (ii) combine the files with other materials, (iii) rename and/or reorganize the files, and (iv) use any trademarks contained in the files as contemplated by this license.

    You retain all copyright and intellectual property rights to the files you upload to this community, but you agree that Cornucopia3D management cannot be held responsible for any use of your materials by a third party without your agreement.


    You agree that any information you provide using the communication services available on this website is considered public information, is logged on our servers, stored in a database, and may be reviewed by Cornucopia3D management at any time. Cornucopia3D will not be held responsible and/or liable for information that you choose to share via these services. Please be careful about disclosing any personal information using these services.

    Cornucopia3D License Agreement

    Your use of products acquired from the Cornucopia3D store is subjected to the Cornucopia3D End User License Agreement. You acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in said License Agreement.

    Return Policy

    We only accept returns for e-on software Vue products, 3rd Party products (such as Poser, Shade, Training materials or Cornucopia3d content...) are non returnable.
    For Download Versions of Vue software, you can ask an e-on software sales representative for a refund within 5 days after the download period has expired. A 15% processing fee will be charged on the total amount to be refunded.
    For Physical (boxed) products, you will have to return the product unopened within 7 days of receit. A 15% restocking fee will be charged on the product price. The shipping charges from our stocks to you will not be refunded. The return shipment is at your charge. You will get the refund only when the product is back to our stocks.
    Products that are "Licenses Only" (such as Rendercow Packs, RenderNode Licenses, RenderBull Licenses, Vue Esprit Modules, etc.) are non returnable.

    Please return your products to:
    If you live in the US or Canada:
    e-on Software INC
    Products Returns
    6107 SW Murray Blvd. #264, Beaverton
    Oregon 97008-4467
    If you live outside US and Canada:
    e-on Software Europe
    Products Returns
    68 Avenue Parmentier
    75011 Paris France

    Funds placed on Cornucopia3D account

    In order to facilitate your acquisition of content from the Cornucopia3D store, you may decide to place funds on your Cornucopia3D account. Unspent funds may be retrieved one month after crediting of your account (there is a $10 minimum for refunds). Fund retrieval is expected to be executed in under 48 hours, however, there may be situations where this retrieval experiences delay. While Cornucopia3D management will take all reasonable action to expedite this process, Cornucopia3D management will not be held liable for any such delays. In no event will the entire liability of e-on software, under any condition whatsoever, ever exceed the amount actually paid by you to e-on software.


    Cornucopia3D management reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement without notice.

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