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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is content cheaper on Cornucopia3D?
  • What happens if I find the content I bought from Cornucopia3D cheaper somewhere else?
  • Why should I get Vue-only content rather than generic content?
  • Why is Vue content Locked to my license(s)?
  • Do I have to worry about the Locking of Vue content to my licence(s)?
  • Is Cornucopia3D content compatible with outsourced Renderfarms?
  • Can I use Cornucopia3D content in other applications than Vue?
  • Can I export Cornucopia3D content to other 3D applications?
  • If I buy Locked to my license(s) content, can I switch to Standard distributions later?
  • Can I still use my content after upgrading?
  • Why are some items in Vue identified as being "Cornucopia3D items"?
  • Can I access Cornucopia3D from within Vue?
  • Why are new items appearing in my Vue collections?
  • Do I have to deposit funds on my Cornucopia3D account?
  • Can I retrieve unspent funds from my account?
  • What is the product return policy?
  • What is the License Agreement for content purchased from Cornucopia3D?

    For specific questions about content and store operations, please refer to the Store FAQ here.

    Community (Forum & Gallery) FAQ

  • How do I change my settings?
  • Why can't I see the large versions of images?
  • What is BBCode?
  • Can I post pictures in the forum?
  • What are Administrators?
  • What are Moderators?
  • I keep getting unwanted private messages!
  • I have received a spamming or abusive email from someone on this board!
  • Why isn't X feature available like in other phpBB forums?
  • Who do I contact regarding abusive and/or legal matters related to this board?
  • Where and how do I upload a picture?
  • I lost my favorites!

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    For any other questions, please contact our support staff at support@cornucopia3d.com.
    To speed the support process, please be sure to include the email address you use for your Cornucopia3D account in your email.
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