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Whether you're creating extensive digital landscapes or tiny gardens, room interiors or flights of science-fiction fantasy, you love VUE... and you love the quality of content you can find at Cornucopia3D.

Our philosophy is to give you great value for money, and now you can get even more with our Cornuocpia3D Membership Program! By becoming a Cornucopia3D Member, you will have access to great discounts and special content; special prices on training materials and books; offers on modules and other add-ons for VUE, and exclusive member forum and gallery for your work!

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  1. A $5 voucher each month to spend in the store on voucher-friendly items!

    You tell us you love our "thank you" vouchers you find in your account every once in a while; vouchers are a great way to get some great stuff for free, or help pay for something you really want. Guarantee yourself a free $5 each month! But remember to spend it by the end of the month; it won't carry over to the next month.

  2. You'll receive up to 90% discount on selected items each month!

    Every month, we'll have a different selection of items especially for you; some items will be old favorites, and you'll see massive discounts on new goodies as well.

  3. 30% off on the "Cornucopia3D Essential" selection!

    These are extra special items that will only be highlighted for a short time; you'll get a special deal on them, for members only!

  4. Permanent access to the Bargain Barn, where you'll find a terrific selection of items for $0.99!

    We all love a great deal... and in the Bargain Barn, you'll see plenty of great stuff at bargain prices.

  5. Up to 30% discounts on a selection of training materials and books at e-on software!

    We can all use some help learning about VUE, and getting a discount on e-on approved training material, and books on VUE and other CGI techniques will help you get up to speed. Go to the e-on store

  6. OK, that's great... what else?

  7. Price guarantee

    If you purchase an item that goes on sale for $0.99 in the next 30 days, we'll refund the difference upon request!

  8. 10-day exclusive access to new products!

    Get a head-start on the rest; grab that terrific new content before everyone else!

  9. Be a Cornucopia3D Store Art Director!

    Ever seen a building in real life that you'd love to render? Have a terrific idea for a car, a piece of furniture, or a spaceship you really want for your image? Detail your idea in the C3D Store Art Director forum...include as much written and image detail as you can, and our great content creators, including our terrific team of brokered artists, may just choose your idea for their next item! And even better...if your idea is chosen, you get a FREE purchase of the item!

  10. Member Gallery

    Which is visible to everyone, but only members can submit and vote for images! Best picture of the month will win a free month's membership!

    And not only do you have access to this exclusive gallery, but you can upload up to 10 images per day to any combination of Cornucopia3D galleries.

  11. Welcome Item

    When you subscribe to the Cornucopia3D C.Club, you get a great welcome gift from our store. But in the event you've already purchased the item, don't worry - we'll automatically credit you with a Cornucopia3D content voucher for the purchase price!

  • Have friends who aren't C.Club members yet? When you join the membership plan, you'll start out with 3 invitations you can use to invite friends to join! You'll also earn an invitation each month you maintain your C.Club membership.

    Here's how it works. You send an invitation to a friend; if a recipient of one of your invitations opens a membership account, you both get a reward! If your friend pays for a monthly membership subscription, you'll receive a FREE month on your current subscription - yes, FREE! And better yet...if your friend pays for an annual membership subscription, you'll actually earn 3 FREE MONTHS on your subscription! So that could add up to some terrific savings! How great is that?

    We want our Cornucopia3D C.Club members to spread the word!

C.Club Terms of use

*Your monthly C.Club Membership $5.00 voucher can be used to purchase voucher-friendly content in the Cornucopia3D store. C.Club Selection items, including Big Deals, Essential, and Slashed items, are excluded from voucher purchases.

**Cornucopia3D C.Club Monthly Membership plan means you make an initial opening fee payment of $29.95, and then you pay $7.95 each month to keep your membership Live. Your account will be billed the 28th of each month, 2 days prior to your membership expiration. If you choose to cancel your Cornucopia3D C.Club membership, or one of your automatic monthly payments are defaulted, you'll have to restart your membership, including payment of the opening fee.

***Cornucopia3D C.Club membership payments may not be made using Cornucopia3D vouchers. The C.Club Monthly Membership can only be purchased using a valid MasterCard or Visa; PayPal is not available for this option due to the automatic renewal.

****All qualifying members will get their voucher automatically at the beginning of each month; the voucher will be valid for the duration of that month. Vouchers are valid with all locked content. Please see our Store and Content FAQ for more details on vouchers.

You won't receive a download after purchasing your Cornucopia3D C.Club membership; the membership will change your account permissions, so you'll start receiving the Cornucopia3D membership savings as well as full-access to all Members Only areas.

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