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Cornucopia3D • View topic - Tips to reduce Vue crashs, oom errors, render tips, etc

Tips to reduce Vue crashs, oom errors, render tips, etc

For general discussions about the Vue product line. Any topic that does not fit in one of the following forums should be posted here.

Hi. I'm an animator and a Vue6.5 newb with WinXP. Here's one from my trials and errors.

I make sure that every animated value for items in a Vue6 scene has a keyframe at time 00:00, even when it doesn't affect the animation...because if I don't, the subsequent keyframes for values like orientation or plant geometry will stop functioning. Their animated output freezes and Vue gets very crashy.


Here's another. (The topic does mention render tips, right?)
Ever seen ghost edges on a billboard with transparency, like this one with a fir tree image?


I think this is what's happening. Check the tiling settings for the color and transparency texture maps. When tiling is set to 'none', Vue surrounds the image with whatever it uses as a neutral color and transparency value, and even without interpolation it leaks into the rendered image area. 'Repeat' tiling can leak, too. Changing the tiling to 'mirror' will replace these problem values.

Hope these are useful. I'm barely halfway through my first V6 project, so if these matters are old news, sorry. (I did search for 'em. :) )

Praise the Almighty!
This post: December 07, 2007


Posts: 182
Joined: September 07, 2007

I found that in V6I 64 bit, with 4 GB RAM:

Working on ecosystems would bring my system to a crawl.

By adding 2 GB, that performance hit vanished.

I ordered another 4 GB kit to bring my system to 8 GB RAM.

The amount of RAM you have does make a difference in 64 bit.

Other than normal background processes, I don't have any other program running. Windows XP 64 on a home built Athlon 64 dual core system.
This post: January 03, 2008


Charles Bradshaw
Posts: 229
Joined: October 25, 2005

A tip

Hi all :)

There is a problem with vue. Just in case i can give you a tip. I filled vue's default directory (where all the atm obj etc. are) with aloooooot stuff and vue crashed. So don't use vue's default install folder for other stuff then the default. Make your own directory and add the folders content in vue dialogs.

The fix

Well i found the fix for vue 6 xsream msvcr80.dll problem.

The idea is that the folder used for storing vue's basic mat atm etc. is filled and the program has problems reading all the stuff.

Reinstall vue and change the default store directory for the mat atm etc.
It works.

So don't put stuff in vue's default folder just add other directories in the dialogs.
This post: January 25, 2008


Rosen Todorovsky
Posts: 16
Joined: August 29, 2007

A very cheap tip for those who use ecosysems : when you click on "populate" a large terrain, Vue puts objects / plants everywhere. The result is that when you have zillion plants, you see ... nothing on the 4 windows.
BUT if you only make a still render, choose your camera angle, then go to the terrain material editor, click on "paint" and erase all the plants your won't see in render...it saves at least enough memory to make "invisible" eco-objects ...visible, much easier to work with and less polygons :wink:

Another one : Displacement mapping...if you click too fast to close the material editor window on slow machines after setting this bump option, Vue crashes : give it some time, an use it only for close up renders.
This post: February 02, 2008


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Hi there, when you are creating in vue using layers,
try closing the layer you just worked on,and keep the layer open
that you are working on,once you have all in place for your scene
then try rendering out your scene
this helps me with my render.
This post: February 10, 2008


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angelo cordisco
Posts: 39
Joined: September 04, 2005

well this was a lot of HELP for me THANK YOU everyone for their input here maybe just maybe I'll not CRASH so much now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
This post: November 06, 2008


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ken meuter_1
Posts: 132
Joined: September 23, 2008

I don't want to use smaller bitmaps... Memory is not enough the problem today. Everybody have a 512 megas video board an gigs of ram....
This post: November 15, 2008


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gil stephane
Posts: 43
Joined: November 17, 2007

well i like to crash every once an a while it would get to boring if you completd a project too fast :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: thanks of the VUE tip of the day bye 4 now
This post: November 15, 2008


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ken meuter_1
Posts: 132
Joined: September 23, 2008

Big potential time savings?

One of the simplest (yet difficult) things for me is to utilize all the CPU cycles I have with my current machine(s). I might forget to queue stuff up at night sometimes or forget that I could be rendering if I'm browsing or word processing.

I am experimenting to see if using the standalone renderer more--if that will less impede my workflow in other apps. (I do have 8 core and 16 gigs of RAM!)

To reframe the question: Can I realistically get things done with an intense app like After Effects for instance, and simultaneously render using the Standalone renderer (or am hosting a render in Hypervue).

Soon we shall see!

(I guess the Hypervue part of the equation will have to wait until E-On resolves the bugs there)
This post: January 15, 2009


Craig Wall_1
Posts: 121
Joined: August 01, 2007

Small Tip on Vue Crashes
- If You use Vue on 64 bit XP Windows. and Vue crashes on sending reports.
- or if Vue crashes on start. after force closing the App.
- or Vue won't starts after PC shutdown by any reason
try this before re-install the program
1. if Vue show dialog about error on start and crash after X minutes on last working time...
find by mask in Windows folder all *.pif files was created on past X minutes (for example in "Total Commander")
- ALT+F7
- First tab - search file *vue*
- second tab - not older than X minutes (when X - you last working time)
and press Find! you will see more files with vue. you must delete all *.pif files

2. Go to c:\Documents and Settings\_NAME_\Application Data\e-on software\Vue X\Environment\ (when X you Vue Version)
and backup all XML files. then delete all files except Collections and News folders
3. Reboot the PC and run Vue. if Vue show start dialog about your license information. and start options - All OK! and you continue happy working
This post: April 03, 2009


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Posts: 80
Joined: February 27, 2009

Ravex, I can't thank you enough! Vue had been acting very oddly lately, but after forcing the program to exit a few times on long renders I started having a serious problem. I couldn't exit the function editor back to the material editor without the program hanging.

After following your instructions I'm all back to normal. Good job!
This post: October 07, 2009


Jonathan Telfer
Posts: 50
Joined: December 16, 2008

Ravex I don't understand step 1 "the pif files."

My Vue 7 & Vue 8 crash at startup when the error report or send log screen
pops up then windows 7 64 bit shutdown Vue instant.

So I can startup Vue 7 or Vue 8

Can you help me?
This post: January 02, 2010


Robert Bogaard
Posts: 15
Joined: December 05, 2008

even after a long time this tips can come in hand. However I wonder something, with Vue 8, in windows vista 64bit with 64bit version I have seen that it never gives an OoM because once the Physical memory is full it start to fill the virtual one, and even if you reach the top value (I have them manual at 10GB) it will automatically increase the memory so you can keep rendering. (I tried to render something with 3300 objects and I ended up using 4GB physical memory and 12GB virtual)

But is this possible in mac? I ask because in the mac the version is 32bit with the memory limitation that means.
This post: June 27, 2010


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Nikolas Karampelas
Posts: 18
Joined: March 12, 2009


erm.... i cant figure out how to post a thread or wotever its called
im new to this stuff. i recently got vue8 free with 3d world magazine
and im dying to use it, everytime i go to open it, it crashes and comes up with an error report. i have 4 gb ram and plenty of memory so y wont
it work?

please help me, thanks
Simon C
This post: January 14, 2011


simon clements
Posts: 1
Joined: January 12, 2011

Hi Simon,

To me it sounds as if there could be a serious compatibility problem with some of your hardware. I would therefore check your system meets all minimum requirements here: (The requirements are for Vue 9 now obviously, but it should be similar.)

http://www.e-onsoftware.com/products/vu ... e/?page=14

Make sure you check for known motherboard & graphics card compatibility problems too though, as most people just look at the required ram. It's most likely related to your graphics card, display driver or settings.

Failing that, then you could always contact e-on and submit a report once you register the product in your account. Hope you get it sorted.
This post: January 14, 2011


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Joined: April 13, 2010


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