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Cornucopia3D • View topic - Prepass in progress and Resume render

Prepass in progress and Resume render

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Prepass in progress and Resume render

Hello everyone !
I claim that I use Vue 10 Complete.
In recent times I have 2 problems:
1 - In the last renders done, in the window showing the progress of rendering, the software makes a "prepass in progress" and after a final render. This thing did not happen first. Does it depend on any choice I made in the rendering setting?

2 - When I make long render, I save the job, close it and when, the next day I resume, I have the capability to tell the software "resume render". I do this, several times - with very long rendering - I happened that after several times the software does not allow me to do this .... :( Among other things, I remember that time ago, when I did the rescue, the software asked me if I wanted to save all the information I needed to resume rendering later. Now this sentence does not appear to me anymore.

Thanks for ideas and suggestions:)
This post: November 13, 2017


roberta angiolani
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Re: Prepass in progress and Resume render

No problem with you using Complete 10.

"Prepass" Prepass is something the render engine has to do in specific cases. It is not really something you can require in the render settings, it has to do with the selected atmosphere type you us. Standard illumination mode there does not require a prepass in rendering. Nor does a preview rendering, in these cases therefore there is no prepass before the final rendering.

"Resume rendering". You interrupt a rendering and save the scene. This is the case when Vue asks if it should save the resume rendering information. Now when you load this scene again, obviously the resume rendering information is only valid as long as you do not change anything in the scene (and entering an editor is seen as change already). When you interrupt a rendering and then change something in the scene (again, entering an editor is seen as change), the resume information is not seen valid anymore and therefore Vue does not ask you again when you save this scene then.

When this request is not coming anymore at all, is it possible that you hided this message maybe? In each message box you have the option to hide this message in the future (little tick box in the lower left corner normally). You can reset these settings in the Vue preferences (options).

Last question - when you interrupt a long rendering and continue it later, it stays a long rendering. Or do you say it is even slower after you use resume information? This needs to be verified by for example checking the CPU usage before resume and after you restarted. Can you do that as a test?
This post: November 14, 2017


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Walther Beck_1
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