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Cornucopia3D • View topic - Vue Infinite 2016 on Ryzen 1800x

Vue Infinite 2016 on Ryzen 1800x

For general discussions about the Vue product line. Any topic that does not fit in one of the following forums should be posted here.

Vue Infinite 2016 on Ryzen 1800x

I was hoping someone would be able to offer some help for an issue I'm having with VUE Infinite 2016. I just built a new workstation for rendering and decided on the Ryzen platform for the performance and multithreading ability. The system is a Ryzen 1800x with 32GB of RAM and the GPU is a Quadro M4000

With these specs I would expect it to render very fast, however on a basic render (the scene was a simple tree with basic atmosphere and lighting) the render was slated to take over 3 hours; much slower than even my aging i5 4430 machine!

Is there anything that could be causing this disparity?
This post: June 26, 2017


Stephen Briggs
Posts: 6
Joined: July 31, 2005

Re: Vue Infinite 2016 on Ryzen 1800x

What Main board are you using. I used a ASUS board and had to run the AI Suite 3 optimization to get to run faster.

From the Task Manager, what is the CPU utilization and memory usage.

What is your operating system? I am using Windows 10.
This post: June 30, 2017


Ronald Samson
Posts: 28
Joined: September 06, 2009

Re: Vue Infinite 2016 on Ryzen 1800x

When the render first starts, the estimate to finish the render can be very inaccurate - as the render starts working, the time to finish is a better indicator of the actual time.
This post: June 30, 2017


Peggy Walters
Posts: 1844
Joined: July 31, 2005

Re: Vue Infinite 2016 on Ryzen 1800x

Three things in a scene that will throw off any "time remaining" left for sure are:

Object silhouette edges.
This post: July 06, 2017


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Shawn Driscoll
Posts: 1015
Joined: July 31, 2005

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