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On Cornucopia3D, you will find all sorts of resources to improve your 3D experience: forums, galleries, portfolios, tutorials, ... as well as a store where you can find top-quality content at the best possible price!

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Brokering at Cornucopia3D

What Is Cornucopia3D?

Cornucopia3D is e-on software's online community and store. The primary focus of the Cornucopia3D Store is to offer high-quality, affordable content for use inside e-on software products. The Cornucopia3D Store is a lot more than just another content store: it's a whole new concept in distributing digital content over the internet.

Indeed, in order to facilitate access to store content while ensuring the lowest possible cost for end users, e-on software has developed a unique and patented set of highly innovative technologies focused around three areas of interest:

  • Making the content easily accessible to the user by presenting new content in the most convenient location, i.e. directly inside the application.
  • Allowing the user to acquire additional content quickly and easily, without having to leave the application.
  • Using transparent, high-level encryption technologies to ensure that legitimate customers do not carry the burden of software piracy.
  • What Is a Brokered Artist?

    A brokered artist is an individual (or a corporation) who has developed content and gives or sells this content to end users through the Cornucopia3D store facility.

    Brokered artists receive a royalty based on sales of their content. Where the standard royalty is usually 15-50%, Cornucopia3D offers its brokered artists up to a massive 70% royalty!

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